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10 Tips on Moving Heavy Boxes


10 Tips on Moving Heavy Boxes

We have all heard that tried and turn adage; lift with your knees, not your back.  This will never be more true than when you are packing up your home or office to move to a new location.  However, in our rush to get this unpleasant task finished, we often times forget about some basic tips and rules that will not only save our backs, but time and energy, as well.

tips on moving heavy boxesEven if there’s a group of gorgeous women (or men) standing around, don’t play the hero and try to powerlift a huge box above your head.  Believe me, when you blow out your lower back and have collapse onto the ground in agony and a puddle of your own tears, your only hope to save face will be to make it onto YouTube or America’s Funniest Home Videos. 

So check out our top 10 tips on lifting those heavy boxes…trust me, you will be thankful you did.

10 Tips on How to Lift that Heavy Box

Tip # 1 ~ Wear proper footwear: Before you even think about lifting anything, be sure to wear good shoes with great grips.  Flip-flops, high heels or bare feet are not good choices, even if they do match your pants and shirt.

Tip # 2 ~ Clear a path: Before you try to stumble your way down a flight of stairs or through a hallway, be sure there is nothing lying around to trip you up.  The last thing you want to do is take a flip or have to do some ninja-like moves to avoid clutter.

Tip # 3 ~  Bend & Stretch: Yes!  Doing some light bending and stretching before lifting is a great way to warm up your muscles.  This will cut down on strains and pulls and save you some pain down the road.

Tip # 4 ~  Do a test lift:  If you haven’t packed the boxes yourself, be sure to give it a little test-lift before you try to haul it all the way up. If it’s too heavy, then find help or use a trolley.

Tip # 5 ~ Get a firm grip: Just like lifting anything else, it’s important to have a good grip on it.  If your hands are sweaty or you are prone to dropping things, then wear a pair of leather gloves that will provide a good grip for you.

moving tips for heavy boxes

Tip # 6 ~ Use a buddy:  It’s okay not to be the strongest person on the planet.  So unless you are indeed theIncredible Hulk, grab a buddy to share in the lifting and moving process.

Tip # 7 ~ Use your knees:  Squatting down to pick up a box is the recommended position.  Never bend from the waist to haul a heavy box.  This is how you blow out your lower back and find yourself on AFV.

Tip # 8 ~ Lifting with your legs: Once you have squatted down and have a good grip on the box, slowly stand up, lifting with your legs and keeping your back straight.

Tip # 9 ~ Hold it close to your heart:  Even if you don’t particularly care about the contents of the box, holding it close to your chest gives you a better grip and saves your arms from muscle strain.

Tip # 10 ~ Position your feet:  When you put the box down, be sure to have your feet and body directly in front of where the box will go.  Twisting and placing (or dropping) a box may have you on the floor in agony.

Now that we have given you 10 great tips on moving heavy boxes, you should never find yourself in the misery of injury.  However, if you feel the need to show off your lifting skills, be sure to have someone standing by with a video camera rolling.

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