10 Tips on Moving Heavy Boxes

We have all heard that tried and turn adage; lift with your knees, not your back.  This will never be more true than when you are packing up your home or office to move to a new location.  However, in our rush to get this unpleasant task finished, we often times forget about some basic tips and […]

5 Tips on Packing

It’s time to make the move.  Whether you are leaving the nest for the first time, upgrading or downsizing, you still have to pack up all your stuff.  So why not make it easier on yourself?  Instead of just dumping things into bags and boxes, check out our tips on how to pack up your […]

5 Steps to make dorm moving easy

For a lot of young people, moving into a dorm is the first big move they will have experienced.  It can be exciting and scary at the same time and you will want to make this transition as easy as possible (for both parent and student).  Check out our top tips on moving into a […]